Best Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks

Best Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks

Did you know that at least one burglar out of three always tries to enter your home through the window or the front door? The basic mindset of a thief is to get inside the residence as quickly as possible, and swiftly grab anything that is valuable, before the alarms go off or the neighbors notice something. From their perspective, a kicked-in door instantly exposes them to passersby, which is why they prefer being sneaky and virtually unnoticeable.

However, if they run into a highly advanced smart lock that uses biometric authentication instead of a standard keyhole, it’s more likely that the burglars won’t even consider raiding your home. The mere sight of a biometric door lock with fingerprint scanner already puts a red flag up with burglars and is a clear indicator that your home is protected using advanced security. At the same time, being able to open your door lock with a quick scan of your thumbwhile holding your groceries is convenient and a timesaver.

How Does a Fingerprint Door Lock Work?

With the arrival of electronic locks, the concept of a traditional key is getting more and more obsolete. Nowadays deadlocks don’t even need a keyhole, because there are other ways to open and close the door. The most popular methods include numeric keypads, RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification, also known as key fobs), Bluetooth connection-type locks (using your smartphone as a key), and biometric entries (fingerprint identification). But there is also a new method on the horizon: smart locks, with which homeowners can remotely manage the lock via an app.

Turning our attention to fingerprint locks, they can be programmed in such a way that they grant access only to the chosen people when they press their thumb on the sensor. Electronic locks usually incorporate more than one entry method for safety purposes, so if you have a fingerprint lock, chances are it’s also fitted with Bluetooth or RFID technology.

Why a Fingerprint Door Lock?

There are several reasons why an advanced door lock best serves your need. From a security point of view, criminals just take a quick glance and move on, because such doors usually lack a keyhole, so their skeleton key is useless. It’s also worth mentioning that some door locks are even fitted with an alarm that sends a notification to your phone when sensing unauthorized or forced entry. From a convenience point of view, using a fingerprint lock is easier: since your “biometric key” is always at hand (literally), you can forget the hustle of rummaging your pockets and bag for the keys. In some special cases, electronic keys are even capable of preventing elderly residents from wandering off. Just make sure to purchase a model without keyholes, as seniors tend to force old keys therein to open the mechanism.

Recommended Fingerprint Door Locks

Now that we’ve detailed the benefits of a fingerprint lock, let us give you some advice on what features you should look for by showing you three outstanding examples.

Ardwolf A20 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

This highly sensitive door lock comes with a stainless steel touch pad, which resists forceful break-ins while ensuring that you won’t leave any fingerprints behind. There are three ways to unlock it: biometric entry, user code (which can be typed using the keypad) and a mechanical key. For those who prefer the old-fashioned keypad, the product features random pwd(print working directory) protection, meaning that you can add random numbers before and after the actual code to confuse suspicious onlookers. As for the fingerprint identification, the system is capable of storing up to 100 different fingerprints. What’s even better is that the database can be imported to your computer and re-uploaded to a new intelligent door lock.

Adel 3398 Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

This door lock adopts European design standards, meaning that you must rotate the handle upwards, while turning it downwards to open the door. Adel’s lock is also special because it features a 4-digit keypad and a touchpad, so it’s easier to conceal the unlocking procedure, since others can’t even see what you are currently typing. The door can be opened via the keypad, the biometric identifier or by using a mechanical key. The system is able to store up to 120 fingerprint profiles, which makes it an ideal pick even for companies or businesses.

Samsung SHS-P718 Digital Door Lock Fingerprint

This Samsung door lock is the standard for futuristic deadbolts, since it displays a message informing you whether the door is open or locked, just like in sci-fi movies. To open a door with such a device you need to push and pull it instead of turning the handle. With the personalized fingerprint scanner you can record up to 100 different fingerprints, thus making it ideal for providing secured passage to your employees. With this door lock you don’t need to worry about stuck keys anymore, because you can either use a 4-12 digit entry code or just rely on the biometric scanning pad.

Fingerprint vs Smart Door Locks

But what benefits do fingerprint locks have above other types of electronic/smart locks? The biggest reason for purchasing such an extra layer of security is that forging a fake fingerprint is far out of the league of a simple criminal. Granted, hackers may gain access to your smartphone data and use the app to remotely open the door, but hackers are stealing data and not properties.Fingerprint locks are also user-friendlier compared to Bluetooth or RFID locks, because in the latter cases you still need to look for your phone or key fob, while your thumbs are always at your service.

Unfortunately, fingerprint locks are still top-tier technology, which means that you need to basically empty your wallet to install one on your front door.

Home Security Starts at the Front Door

Sometimes electronic locks are more than enough to scare ordinary burglars away with their mere presence, but there are still some crafty criminals who can find another way to the building, no matter how protected your door is. In short, without proper security alarms, you become vulnerable the moment someone bypasses the lock.

This is the reason why you should still opt for a home security system package that contains movement sensors and alarms. Hiding one of them in a shadowy corner guarantees full-on protection, and with the help of the monitoring team, the police will arrive in seconds to catch the perpetrators.

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