Best Free Fingerprint Lock Screen Apps for Smartphones

Best Free Fingerprint Lock Screen Apps for Smartphones

Security is very important for your Smartphone. If you want to prevent unauthorized access to your smartphone then you must lock your phone or individual apps with password or other locking mechanism. The inbuilt security of Android OS is decent but very limited. Fingerprint scanner is the fastest and one of the most secured ways to unlock your android smartphone. If you want more features and functionality from your smartphone fingerprint sensor then you should use good third party fingerprint lock screen apps to unlock your smartphone or individual apps.

There are many fake and prank fingerprint lock screen apps available on the Google Play and they can only be used for fun and entertainment. There are very few good fingerprint lock screen android apps available that really works and provides good security for your smartphone. So here in this post I am going to provide the best working fingerprint screen lock apps for android smartphones or tablets.

Top Free Fingerprint Lock Screen Apps for Android

Here are best free fingerprint lock apps to lock and unlock your android phone / apps to provide enhanced security and prevents your smartphone from unauthorized access. Some of these fingerprint lock apps contains additional security locking methods and features to lock / unlock your smartphone.

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner is a fingerprint lock screen app for android devices without a fingerprint scanner. This apps works by taking the picture of your finger and then it matches your fingerprint against the picture previously taken and if the match is successful then your phone will be unlocked. This method of finger lock and unlock is completely touchless but a bit more time consuming. This fingerprint scanner lock app works on ONYX HD Authentication Engine and it just works fine. This app is completely safe and secure to use and it does not slows down your android smartphone.

This fingerprint lock screen app requires a rear camera with flash. There is no requirement of a physical fingerprint sensor to use this fingerprint screen lock app. The devices whose camera does not focus on close objects are not compatible with app and this app does work on them.

AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock

App Lock – Fingerprint Unlock is a very good and feature rich fingerprint lock screen app for Samsung and Android 6.0 devices. This free fingerprint app lock is very tiny in size but is loaded with features and functionality. With this fingerprint screen lock app you can protect your wi-fi, Bluetooth, incoming calls, installation / uninstallation of apps, play store, browser, settings or any other android app that you can want to be protect from unauthorized access.

This fingerprint locker app has a nifty feature known as intruder selfie to spot the snooper. If anyone tries to gain unauthorized access to your apps or phone then this app takes the selfie of that person and emails you on your registered email address. It also lists down the time and date of the image taken. This fingerprint unlock app has additional settings that allow you to use pattern (gesture) or pin code (numbers) as password. This CM AppLock is completely free to use and download and there are no annoying ads when you use this app. Overall it is one of the top fingerprint locker apps that you must try. Highly Recommended by me.

App Lock: Fingerprint Password

App Lock is also a very nice security app to lock and unlock any app or your phone using PIN, Pattern or Fingerprint. Fingerprint Lock works only on supported Samsung and Android Marshmallow devices. The user interface (UI) of this fingerprint lock app is very simple but is beautiful in design. This app is very simple to use and operate.

Using App Lock you can lock your entire phone, individual apps, email, messages, photos etc. using secure application lock or fingerprint app lock protection. This fingerprint lock screen app supports more than 10 languages. It is a complete fingerprint lock app that you can download and use it for free.


FingerSecurity is a free fingerprint lock screen app that works only on supported phones with fingerprint sensor. It can protect any app with your fingerprint. This fingerprint lock screen app comes with many features such as widget for fast enabling / disabling, timeouts for locking apps, unlock multiple apps at once, fake crash dialog box and much more. Overall it is a nice fingerprint app to enhance the security of your android smartphone.


AppLock is a security app that supports various locking mechanism including fingerprint lock. The various locking or security mechanism include password lock, pattern lock and fingerprint lock. You can lock any app using AppLock and also prevents it from uninstalling from your android phone.

The various features in AppLock include time lock, customized profiles for locking, hide AppLock icon, lock incoming calls, lock system settings, lock Google Play, lock widget, location based lock/unlock and various themes for your mood.

AppLock is not resource hungry and uses low memory. This fingerprint lock app also has a power saving mode to save battery. It is a must have security app for your android mobile phone.

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