Airport biometric scanners could retain details for up to 75 years | Travel News | To travel



The United States has adopted modern technology in its airport, with biometric scanners being a new addition in recent years.

He hopes not only to speed up the process but also to detect illegal immigration and travelers whose visas have expired.

Customs and Border Protection (CMP) receive the data for identity verification, crossing the passport and the photo taken with the database and indicating that they only keep the photos for up to 14 days .

However, other details such as passport numbers and date of birth are kept for up to 15 years for all US citizens and up to 75 years for foreign travelers.

John Wagner, deputy executive assistant commissioner for field operations at CBP, told privacy campaigners: “Airlines offer their own independent biometric-like services for baggage check-in, boarding on the plane, access to their lounges.

“If they collect this photo [at the boarding area], then send it to us, and it will take care of our biometric output requirement in a way that doesn’t require two cameras so you can take your photo twice before you board the plane.

Even CBP’s privacy impact assessment confirms that there are currently issues with the new technology and the privacy concerns surrounding it.

The assessment states: “A risk that commercial air carriers will use the photographs for purposes other than checking departures. [as] commercial air carriers do not collect photographs on behalf of CBP or under the authorities of CBP.



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