Apple headset may feature iris scanner for biometric authentication: report


Last month, a report suggested that Apple Inc executives had previewed its upcoming mixed reality headset to the company’s board and had reached advanced stages of development.

Now a report of Information suggests that Apple’s next mixed reality headset could come with an iris-scanning biometrics feature similar to how Face ID works on new iPhones and iPads.

Rumor has it that the iris scanner could be used to authenticate payments and allow users to seamlessly switch between users. Apple might also be able to detect who is wearing the headset and automatically log into the associated user account.

The report goes on to say that by using the same cameras that enabled foveal rendering, the headset will constantly track where the user is looking and optimize performance accordingly. It works by dynamically rendering the area of ​​the scene where the person is not looking in lower resolution.

Additionally, Apple’s mixed reality headset will look different compared to the recently launched Meta Quest Pro in terms of design. Compared to the plasticized design of the Quest Pro, the Apple headset will be constructed from mesh fabric, glass and aluminum. The report went on to say that the helmet will resemble “a pair of ski goggles”.

And compared to the Meta Quest Pro’s ten cameras, Apple’s headset will have 14 cameras, two of which will face down and capture the user’s legs. Apple could also allow people who wear glasses to magnetically clip prescription lenses inside the headset.

But the Apple Mixed Reality could cost between $2,000 and $3,000, unlike the Meta Quest Pro, which costs $1,500.


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