Apple partners with TSA to enable digital identification at security checkpoints


Apple’s new update will allow customers to store their state ID cards and driver’s license in the Wallet app.

Apple has announced an upcoming update to its Wallet app that will allow customers to use their mobile device as a digital ID at select US airports.

At the tech giant’s annual global developer conference, Apple announced it is working with the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to allow airport security checkpoints to be “the first place. where customers can use their digital ID card in the wallet “.

Users will be able to scan their state ID card or driver’s license to download the wallet information. The information will be encrypted and stored securely in the secure element, which is the same technology used for Apple Pay.

As part of Apple’s latest iOS 15 operating system, the tech company is also making efforts to allow users to unlock their home, office, or hotel room using keys stored in the wallet. .

Apple has yet to confirm which U.S. states will participate in the digital identity pilot. However, the new technology is likely to help accelerate the use of biometric technology on domestic routes in the United States, such as recent trials between San Francisco International Airport (SFO), United Airlines and SITA, which allow passengers to link their driver’s license and flight details to their facial biometrics at check-in.

Jason Lim, Head of Identity Management Capacity, TSA, and a close friend of FTE, shared the news on LinkedIn, saying, “I am honored and delighted to lead this important effort for TSA.

Digital identification and biometrics at airports will be a key topic at our upcoming in-person FTE Global + show, which will take place later this year in Las Vegas. Find out more here.


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