Arduino-based open-source portable biometric sensor EmotiBit achieves Kickstarter goal


EmotiBit portable sensor module

A new Arduino-based and portable biometric sensor module is now available on Kickstarter.

Dubbed EmotiBit, the open source device can detect emotional, physiological and movement data via more than 16 biometric signals.

“Wear it in any orientation, anywhere on the body, and start measuring biometric signals!” The integrated slots make it easy to wear EmotiBit however you want, ”the Kickstarter page read.

Since the data is 100% owned by the user, it can be saved directly to the built-in SD card and viewed through a cross-platform viewer available for Mac, PC and Linux, and based on the OpenFrameworks creative coding toolkit.

The viewer also enables data streaming and, being open source, allows for further customization of the platform.

“Awarded from sensors in a portable format, EmotiBit is 100% customizable and hackable thanks to its open source technology,” the company said. Explain. “EmotiBit is fully compatible with the Adafruit Feather and Arduino ecosystem. Easily adjust it to do whatever you want!

From a technical point of view, the EmotiBit wearable device contains several sensors capable of measuring bodily functions.

These include a GSR / EDA sensor to read emotional, cognitive and physiological data, a thermistor to read body temperature, and a PPG sensor to measure heart rate, respiration and other health biometric data.

EmotiBit is now available on Kickstarter, with early pledges starting at $ 199 for the basic plan, and up to $ 375 Early-bird ‘Rockin’ & Researchin ‘Bundle which includes the device, an add-on Research grade EmotiKit, factory calibrated Adafruit nib, 400mAh battery and high speed MicroSD card.

The company’s promised goal was $ 15,000 and EmotiBit received $ 36,994 at the time of writing.

If production of the devices goes smoothly, contributors are expected to start receiving their EmotiBit gadgets around February of next year.

Biometric wearable devices for health monitoring are a growth area in the industry, with several devices being tested, launched or introduced in new settings this year.

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