BIO-key launches FIDO2 MFA keys with fingerprint biometrics


A range of cryptographic security keys for FIDO2 multifactor authentication has been launched for immediate availability by BIO-key, including a model with fingerprint biometrics.

All cryptographic keys support FIDO2, FIDO U2F and WebAuthN standards and offer an option for FIPS 140-2 certified biometrics. They also work with BIO-key PortalGuard and can be used to implement password-less workflows, the company says.

BIO USB-C Security Key features on-device FIDO2 security keys secured with fingerprint biometrics, or customers can choose centrally secure remote biometric authenticator with key identity biometrics ORGANIC, according to the announcement. The other 5 models have USB-A, USB-C or Lightning connectivity, and in two cases NFC connectivity.

“Customers want choices, not limitations, when implementing multi-factor authentication for their staff and users,” said Michael DePasquale, president and CEO of BIO-key. “The addition of new FIDO2 security keys to our suite of solutions expands the already unmatched range of strong authentication methods that we make available to our customers, offering them a competitively priced alternative to hardware suppliers of choice. unique. “

Fingerprint devices recommended for a wider range of use cases

BIO-key sees new use cases for a pair of biometric fingerprint devices it launched earlier in 2021. The company has added military and border control processes to the list of applications it uses for recommends its Pocket10 biometric scanner, and now presents its MobilePOS Pro for microfinance, SIM registration and inventory management projects.

BIO-key Pocket10 fingerprint scanner provides FBI certified Mobile ID FAP 50 and 10-print Live Scan biometric data capture. When launching earlier this year, the Pocket10 was touted by BIO-key as being well suited for biometric enrollment in national ID programs, background check submissions, and law enforcement purposes. .

Likewise, BIO-key MobilePOS Pro, launched in August, was developed with banking, business and healthcare applications in mind.

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