BIO-key unveils a trio of new fingerprint readers


BIO-key has expanded its biometric portfolio with the release of new fingerprint scanners that will make the technology more accessible. The highlight in this regard is the new Pocket10, a portable FAP 50 scanner with a compact form factor that makes it well suited to the field. The Pocket10 is capable of capturing a full set of 10 fingerprints, but it’s small enough to fit in someone’s pocket. As a result, BIO-key believes the device will appeal to law enforcement agencies and other government organizations who may need to verify someone’s identity or perform personal verification. history while traveling.

BIO-key also unveiled new USB-C versions of its single-print SidePass and SideSwipe scanners. As the name suggests, scanners can be plugged into a USB-C port to enable fingerprint authentication (and a higher level of security) on a computer that does not offer built-in support for scanning. technology. Both scanners can be used as official Windows Hello accessories and are compatible with a number of different access control applications.

“The release of these new, high-quality, low-cost fingerprint scanners enables faster and more economical identity workflows for BIO-key customers,” said Kimberly Johnson, vice president of BIO-products. key. “These scanners integrate easily with customers’ existing security solutions and align with our WEB key and PortalGuard IDaaS platform.

BIO-key recently announced that it will be sending a shipment of fingerprint scanners to Nigeria as it moves forward with a pair of contracts that were signed before the global outbreak of COVID-19. Allied Market Research has predicted that the fingerprint sensor market will reach $ 9.41 billion by 2027.

April 14, 2021 – by Eric Weiss


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