BIO-key will provide tens of thousands of mobile biometric scanners for NIN enrollment through the bank


As Nigerian financial institutions step up efforts to enroll citizens in the country’s digital identity system, BIO-key has been selected by the online lending platform Show provide tens of thousands of mobile biometric devices.

Specta is owned and operated by Sterling Bank Nigeria Plc., and will deploy BIO-key’s Pocket10 FAP50 mobile fingerprint scanners to help register customers for National Identity Numbers (NINs).

Mobile biometric scanners are expected to improve enrollment in remote parts of the country, with independent aggregators and agents enrolling individuals through the Specta program and specialist support services offered by Sterling Bank.

The registration initiative is co-funded by the World Bank and supported by the UN and the Nigerian Federal Government as part of the country’s Digital Identity Inclusion Campaign.

“Through the distribution of these mobile biometric devices across our network of banking agents, we are now better able to bring leading banking services closer to citizens, deepen financial inclusion in the country and increase exponentially the number of beneficiaries of our robust and secure bouquet of products and services,” comments Shina Atilola, Head of Retail and Consumer Banking Division at Sterling Bank.

“These are exciting times, having worked tirelessly over the past year to build an ecosystem with the right partners to support NIN enrollment, identity verification and financial inclusion initiatives,” says Akintunde Carlton Jeje (Tunde), Managing Director of BIO-key Africa. “We are now ready to grow our business by supporting the tens of thousands of freelance agents with the required technologies – the hardware, software and capital provided by Specta, which enables them to travel across the country to enroll Nigerian citizens at large ladder”.

BIO-key entered into an agreement to provide up to $45 million worth of biometric hardware to support e-commerce in Nigeria in early 2020, and began shipping biometric hardware and software to the country a while back. less than a year.

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