Biometric solutions for physical access control launched by four technology providers


The biometric facial or multimodal physical access control market is a little more crowded, with new solutions launching this week from SAFR, the new parent company of ievo CDVI, Telaeris and Invixium.

SAFR SCAN unveiled for stores and offices

RealNetworks’ SAFR is showcasing the new SAFR SCAN contactless biometric access control product for commercial and office environments at ISC West 2022 in Las Vegas this week, marking a new direction for the company’s facial recognition software. .

RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser notes that the access control solution is the first integrated hardware product the company has ever made, and says it’s the most secure way to control access to a building or an office ever created.

The new SAFR SCAN is intended to work as a standalone or networked biometric solution, and can authenticate up to 30 people per minute, according to the announcement. It also uses 3D and RGB structured light for anti-spoofing liveness detection.

“SAFR SCAN is custom hardware designed around SAFR – our fast, highly reliable, low-bias, and compact computer vision platform,” said Brad Donaldson, vice president of computer vision, SAFR at RealNetworks. “We designed SAFR SCAN to integrate seamlessly into a wide variety of access control environments to create a compelling, reliable and contactless alternative that is better and more secure than traditional methods such as key cards.”

The system will retail for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,199 with initial deliveries expected in May.

CDVI launches a facial recognition access control solution

Access control and biometrics company CDVI introduced its facial biometrics to the global access control market with an integrated unit called “iface”.

iface is described as a facial recognition system capable of performing 1:N comparisons for 10,000 subjects in less than a second. The biometric database can hold up to 20,000 face templates, according to CDVI, and match them up to 2 meters away. The solution runs on an octa-core processor and 2 GB of RAM, and includes an integrated MIFARE DESFire card reader.

The device can be attached to walls, desks and turnstiles and provides a contactless entry experience; a move to address “anxieties” about shared surfaces during the COVID-19 pandemic, says CDVI. Its cameras can perform face scans at distances of up to two meters, it adds.

CDVI also announced the acquisition of British biometric fingerprinting and access control company ievo late last year. The company’s products will be integrated into CDVI’s product line, a press release said.

Shaun Oakes, Managing Director of ievo, comments on the acquisition: “We are delighted to join CDVI, one of the UK’s fastest growing security companies. Together, we will deliver a competitive portfolio of exciting technologies and secure solutions to our customers nationwide. »

“We look forward to integrating ievo into the CDVI family of companies. CDVI has always sought to be at the forefront of technological innovation within the group, and ievo’s biometric identification products are an ideal complement to enrich our existing range,” says Paul Ramsay, Managing Director of CDVI UK. “This is a fantastic opportunity to expand our sales, marketing and technical departments, keeping CDVI at the forefront of our industry.”

Telaeris develops the XPIR range of access control readers

California-based Telaeris introduced the XPIR line of industry-leading biometric access control readers, which includes fixed units and kiosk devices.

The readers feature facial and fingerprint biometrics for use alone or in combination, and run the company’s XPressEntry software for integration with most physical access control systems. The devices also include real-time entry and exit tracking, emergency evacuation mustering, accurate time and attendance records, and non-contact temperature scans, according to the announcement.

“XPIR is more interactive, smarter, more secure and more powerful than traditional door readers. This is all possible thanks to an impressive set of device features delivered through the XPressEntry software suite as the backbone of the XPIR series reader,” says Dr. David Carta, CEO of Telaeris. “XPIR stationary and kiosk readers provide workers and visitors with an intuitive digital experience to be identified, checked in, accounted for and quickly on the go. »

Invixium launches an affordable multi-biometric reader

Invixium launched its IXM TFACE biometric solution at ISC West to provide biometric security and convenience for a range of enterprise applications at an affordable price.

The IXM TFACE provides Sony 8MP IR and RGB cameras and a 500dpi optical fingerprint sensor for multi-modal biometric authentication, and stores up to 25,000 templates to perform 1:N matching, with authentication in less than a second, the company says. Mask detection and card reading functions are also included.

“TFACE is the highly versatile biometric solution that security professionals have been waiting for,” comments Shiraz Kapadia, CEO and President of Invixium. “TFACE combines the ultimate security of biometrics with affordability for new and existing access control or workforce management installations looking to upgrade their outdated workplace security with the extreme accuracy of multimodal face and fingerprint recognition.”

The company has also formed a distribution partnership for Saudi Arabia with Saudisoft.

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