Biometric system to be installed at the border


New Delhi [India], September 8 (ANI): A biometric system would be installed at Integrated Checkpoints (ICP) by the Land Ports Authority of India (LPAI) at the borders to control the entry of unauthorized persons into the country and the port area.

ICPs are located on India’s border with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal, to detect smuggling and unauthorized entry.

According to a senior official, the biometric system is installed to strengthen the border security system to provide a secure, seamless and efficient system for cargo and passengers crossing the border.

“We will install a facial recognition system and a biometric entry system and provide unique identifiers for vendors and other private individuals who have access to ports. This will be part of a multi-layered security system to prohibit entry of people. not allowed in high security areas, ”the official said.

The LPAI will also install under-vehicle scanners, metal detectors, drug detection equipment, CCTV cameras and an ICP access control system.

Access to the port area will be prohibited to persons other than security personnel and other relevant agencies such as customs.

An X-ray machine has been installed by LPAI at the Attari border to screen trucks entering India from Afghanistan. The device will detect smuggled weapons, ammunition or other illegal items. It will also catch the smuggling of all radioactive material. (ANI)


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