Biometric Voter Verifications for Guinea Elections Secure with IB Fingerprint Scanners


Integrated Biometrics (IB) claims that its Kojak PL fingerprint scanners adopted by Innovatrics in the biometric registration process for elections in Guinea were successful and that the equipment is now a key part of the new biometric electoral register of the West African nation.

IB said in a statement that fingerprint scanners were chosen by Innovatrics when the latter was hired by the Guinean government in 2019 and was given six months to develop and install a brand new registration system. biometric and oversee the collection of all biometric data before March. 2020 presidential elections.

After the completion of the first step of the process, which was to migrate and clean up the existing registry data to ensure that there were no duplicate records and that every eligible citizen would only get In a vote, Innovatrics then turned to IB for fingerprint scanners when he began the second task of setting up 1,500 enrollment stations across the country, according to the IB statement.

IB biometric fingerprint scanners have always been proven to be the most secure and enable fast, easy and reliable registration and identity verification in all types of environment, simplifying border crossing, improving access to food and health care, preventing bank fraud and ensuring the right to an identity and the right to vote, the company said in the statement.

IB added that with its scanners, the new biometric system in Guinea was ready in less than six months and was then redeployed to produce the necessary electoral documentation. It was possible to switch the servers to a different task while still providing biometric functions without any additional hardware required, he added.

Guinea’s Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) reportedly welcomed the new system after the March elections and said it was responsible for the success of the vote.

“By working closely with Innovatrics, we met the challenge of a very fast turnaround time, delivering thousands of scanners in just a few weeks, keeping the entire project on track. Free and fair elections are at the heart of Africa’s future. We are honored to be part of creating a better future for the Guinean people, ”said David Gerulski, IB executive vice president, after the announcement.

The FBI certified Kojak PL mobile fingerprint scanner is quite small but produces accurate results. It has an intuitive and ergonomic design, weighs less than 725 g (1.6 pounds), and scans four single-finger flatbed and roll prints in seconds, according to IB.

The device is also good for systems that operate in remote areas and in very harsh weather conditions, and can be used in these conditions without negative effects on speed, accuracy and image quality, the said. company.

IB notes that he has successfully partnered with Innovatrics on a number of projects in the past.

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