BioRugged integrates Suprema FAP60 biometric scanner with modular registration kit


A Suprema ID FAP60 biometric fingerprint scanner has been integrated into the BioRugged Marque 5.1 multimodal compact vital registration kit.

The RealScan-G10 live scanner provides one-finger or ten-fingerprint capture in a compact form factor and is certified to comply with FBI IAFIS Annex F. The scanner uses Suprema’s advanced optical technology for capture and processing images at high speed, and is rated IP54, making it durable for mobile and outdoor applications, according to the announcement.

The Marque 5.1 is an ultra-compact modular device for biometric enrollment and data collection from digital identity documents such as passports and identity cards. It is intended for use in a wide range of applications, such as enrolling in government programs for electronic identification, passports and voting, as well as digital knowledge of your customer (KYC) programs, management refugees and border controls.

BioRugged joined the border control association IBMATA at the end of 2021.

“The BioRugged Marque 5.1 is a truly unique approach to multimodal biometric enrollment,” explains Hof Retief, COO of BioRugged. “We are adding a face camera, signature pad and document scanner to the Suprema Realdscan-G10 in one device. Our customers can also choose to add a contact / contactless card and MRZ reading.

The 5.1 brand was launched at Trustech 2021.

“Mobile enrollment and identification continues to be one of the rapidly growing applications of biometrics. Suprema ID continues to invest and innovate in fingerprint authentication solutions based on mobile devices. Suprema ID is extremely happy to collaborate and work with BioRugged ”, comments Bogun Park, CEO of Suprema ID. “Through our relationship with BioRugged, we will continue to extend all the benefits of our RealScan-G10 fingerprint scanners to more customers around the world.

The same fingerprint scanner from Suprema was recently integrated into Arana Security’s BioBox mobile biometric kit.

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