Blickfeld Raises $ 31 Million for 3D Sensor Development and Computer Vision


Munich, Germany-based startup Blickfeld said it has secured additional funding for its A-Series cycle as it seeks to develop new products based on its LiDAR sensor technology. The funding, now totaling $ 31 million, will go towards the continued development of 3D data sensors and computer vision software for applications such as the detection of passenger flows at airports.

Blickfeld said that from the start of 2022, the company will add “perception software” technology to its product line with features such as object detection, classification, tracking and counting. The uses of this new product include smart traffic, security, and people analytics, among others. Executives said offering analytics, in particular, is a key opportunity due to the ability to provide data on congestion, crowd management, wait times, and more. while maintaining confidentiality.

Three-dimensional biometric security typically uses infrared light to project a dense map of dots on a face to create a “depth map” invisible to the naked eye. LiDAR (Light Sensing and Ranging) technology uses laser light to detect objects, providing better accuracy at greater distances and in a greater range of lighting conditions than solutions other than infrared systems.

New Future Capital (NFC) has joined the cycle as a new investor. Existing investors including Bayern Kapital, Continental, Fluxunit – ams OSRAM Ventures, High-Tech Gründerfonds, Tengelmann Ventures and UVC Partners also participated.

“As a long-term partner, we have supported Blickfeld from the start. Combining their proprietary MEMS technology with our 905nm edge emission laser components, Blickfeld’s sensors demonstrate the digitizing capabilities of LiDAR technology in real-world and industrial-scale use cases, ”said Jörg Strauß, vice -Principal president and general manager of the visualization of the line of activity. and Laser at ams OSRAM in a prepared statement.

Blickfeld has already raised $ 10 million over three rounds of funding, according to data from Crunchbase. Executives said they have launched 3D-LiDAR sensors, the Cube 1 and Cube Range 1, for multiple industrial applications. The company has resellers in 13 countries and plans to open new offices in the United States and Asia to help integrate its technology into other products.

As noted above, Blickfeld currently offers LiDAR with laser components emitting a wavelength of 905 nanometers (nm). SiLC Technologies has just presented a product based on a wavelength of 1550 nm using FMCW (frequency modulated continuous wave). The company claims improvements in the detection of moving objects at greater distances and in a wider range of lighting conditions, while providing better eye safety in biometric applications.

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