Built-in biometrics adds antimicrobial coating resistant to fingerprint scanners


An agreement has been reached for the entire range of integrated biometrics fingerprint scanners to be surface coated with RepelFlex MBED, an antimicrobial, anti-scratch and anti-smudge solution from NBD Nanotechnologies.

The integration will allow Integrated Biometrics scanners to provide a high level of biometric performance for longer, as the surfaces of the scanners are made more resistant and more difficult to scratch or stain, thus increasing their longevity while maintaining the quality of the scanners. printing even when conditions do not allow it. to be cleaned regularly, according to the company’s announcement. IB claims this makes RepelFlex effective for devices operating in harsh conditions and with high throughput.

The ultra-thin, clear RepelFlex MBED coating dramatically reduces microbial growth, making contact surfaces safer to touch and easier to sanitize with almost any surface cleaner or disinfectant available, according to the companies.

“Continuous improvement is part of our design process. We are constantly innovating to provide increased functionality, reliability and convenience while protecting the health of the people with whom our sensors interact. NBD Nano has delivered in every way with this cutting edge technology, ”said Doug Loy, president of Integrated Biometrics for Korea and vice president of research and development.

Deckard Sorensen, CEO of NBD Nanotechnologies, said: “Building a multifunctional surface that meets stringent customer requirements requires an innovative approach, which is why customers continue to depend on NBD Nano for product innovation and speed of delivery. marketing. “

According to Integrated Biometrics, its fingerprint scanners are designed to be rugged, portable, efficient and convenient to maintain, regardless of where they are used. Some of its clients include law enforcement agencies, homeland security, governments, election officials, social services, humanitarian organizations, and others.

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