Cambodia will soon take the step of digital identification


As digital identity is becoming increasingly important to governments and citizens, Cambodia is also transitioning to digitally identifying people’s birth certificates, identity cards and passports.

The General Department of Identification of the Ministry of Interior is already preparing to use the digital system for identity cards, birth certificates and passports for the convenience of citizens.

The Deputy Director of the Department, Lieutenant General Top Neth, during the cross talk with Khmer time Yesterday said that the digital system called “Integrated Population Identification System” is being developed under the initiative of Interior Minister Sar Kheng and government support.

“All citizens’ personal information including biometric data is collected and encrypted and stored securely on the server and then we can start providing digital services,” he said, adding that they had studied this number system and that it would be done in stages. .

A digital ID is the electronic equivalent of an individual’s identity card and can be presented electronically to prove an individual’s identity and right to access information or services online.

Lt. Gen. Neth said digital ID is for people’s convenience and they can use it for various kinds of digitized services with one click, which is simple, quick and fast.

Citing some examples, he added that the birth of a child can be easily registered online and the applicant can also apply for a birth certificate in addition to identity cards and passports.

“It’s easy, it’s simple and fast since the person’s data is on the government server. Applicants no longer need to go to the municipality to request these documents. The government has made it easier for people to get them without too much hassle,” he said.

He said that the government has a 10-year national strategic plan on identification (2017-2026) and that at the end of the plan, the government would have achieved most of what it planned, but due to the Covid-19, there were some technical issues. glitches that slowed them down.

“The birth certificate is an important document to show that the person is a Cambodian citizen. Those without a birth certificate should contact the local authority and request one. This will apply to other identification documents in the future,” he added.

Lt. Gen. Neth said the department had issued 2.2 million passports since 2014.

But, he added, between 2020 and last year they only issued between 30,000 and 40,000 passports a year due to Covid-19 and no theft. Most applicants were students and migrant workers.

As for ID cards, he said they had issued around 11.5 million with an annual issue of around 400,000.

Mom Sabun, chief of Trapeang Pring commune, Dambae district, Tboung Khmum province, said that not everyone in his commune has identity cards and birth certificates, even though the authorities have advised people to get them because of their importance, but they don’t. t seems interested.

He said that some women who give birth in hospital do not bother to ask for birth certificates while for identity cards few have, some have lost it and some refuse to get it without asking. realize that this is an important document.

“The authorities have to practically go to their homes and beg them to ask for their identity cards or birth certificates, because they might need them one day. They even force them to go there immediately and apply,” he said, adding that he is of the opinion that many do not know the importance of these documents despite appeals from the authorities.

“Only some heed the advice and apply,” he said.

Por Kosal, 27, who lives in Chheu Kach commune, Ba Phnom district, Prey Veng province, said he got his birth certificate and identity card many years ago after being must have visited the town hall to complete the relevant application forms and have received them within two years. at three weeks.

“These documents I need to go to work, buy land, car and other things. This is my identity. Those who don’t have them, please get them quickly,” he urged.


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