Certify the biometrics of the face Health integrated by Elo to improve patient care


Certify Health combines its biometric software as a service (SaaS) platform Certify Care with Elo’s self-service touchscreen hardware for healthcare organizations to facilitate patient registration and expedite other patient management processes.

According to a company announcement, Certify Health’s cloud interface, which includes features such as patient communication and onboarding, biometric authentication, digital forms, as well as scheduling and managing appointments. you will be integrated with Elo’s all-in-one touchscreen computers to facilitate recordings and workflows.

With this solution, healthcare organizations can automate patient intake workflows to replace traditional registration procedures and improve the patient experience, thereby helping to reduce patient wait times, minimize manual work of staff and allow paperless registration.

The biometric solution also offers organizations the ability to customize both SaaS and touch interfaces to suit their particular use cases.

Elo’s touchscreen device comes with Elo Edge Connect accessories such as cameras and barcode scanners, as well as other hardware accessories and branding, and organizations can customize signage and software capabilities for their Certify Care offering, partners say.

The two parties reaffirmed their commitment to continue to expand their collaboration in order to enable health organizations to provide satisfactory services to patients.

In June, Certify Health made its facial biometrics available for identity verification at three of Geisinger’s clinics and one hospital in Pennsylvania, USA, to ease the patient’s journey from registration to administrative procedures.

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