Colombia’s biometric digital ID tops 500,000 apps as government pushes digital version


Colombians wanting a mobile ID card can scan the new version of their national ID card through the National Civil Registry with biometric face verification. More than 500,000 have already applied for digital ID, according on the Semana news site.

Growing security concerns over the old standard ID card convinced the Colombian government that it was time for a change. The new version embedded with a digital chip was introduced at the end of 2020. From this month, a person applying for an ID will receive both a physical polycarbonate document and a digital copy that can be claimed from the module digital ID from the NRCS website. .

Applications for the new identity card involve going to a civil status office where a photo and biometric fingerprints are collected, according to South American news publisher Diario AS.

The National Registry of Civil Status contracted biometric fingerprint scanners from Thales earlier this year.

The mobile version of the new identifier is stored in the Cédula Digital Colombia app.

People are not required to get the new document. In fact, the government now views the new physical and digital documents as the equivalent of the abandoned yellow hologram card in most people’s pockets.

And no one is required to wear a digital ID on their Android or iOS phone, although the government seems eager for people to make the full switch. The campaign to encourage registration began last month.

The government wants the new credentials to allow quick access to public services online.

The digital ID also meets ICAO travel document standards for biometric credentials with machine-readable zones, and can be used to travel to more than 10 countries in South America.

The first game is free, but duplicate physical cards will cost 55,750 pesos, or $12.64.

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