Crucial post-lockout checks for security x-ray scanners


Todd Research is a leading supplier of conveyor-mounted X-ray scanners and baggage scanning systems, with image recognition technology that quickly and easily identifies the material composition of scanned objects and enables (TIP) projection threat images; a virtual image management tool, which ensures that projection performance is always maximized.

OpEd invited by Jason Wakefield, Director of Sales at Todd Research

Restrictions on movement and the cancellation of many events caused by the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus mean that, in many cases, security x-ray scanners have remained dormant throughout the pandemic.

Todd Research, one of Britain’s leading experts in x-ray security technology, recommends a thorough health check for x-ray scanners that have been left unused for long periods of time, along with advice on what to consider before changing scanner. again.

X-ray scanners are designed to run all the time, and if they are turned off for a long time, various problems can arise, such as damage to critical components.

This is why Todd Research offers a specialized service for these instruments, including extensive regeneration check, routine maintenance and safety checks on radiation levels, regardless of the make and model of the scanner.

(Learn more. Todd Research is a global expert in safety and security threat detection x-ray equipment. Courtesy of Todd Research and YouTube.)

The company has also created a five-point checklist that will help users ensure that their x-ray machines continue to be used safely and efficiently, in accordance with applicable regulations.

Service and checklist are especially important when scanners have been moved during lockdown, such as during a refurbishment, and could have been damaged.

For example, it is a legal requirement under US FDA regulations to perform a critical examination after moving an X-ray scanner.

There may also have been significant staff turnover as a result of the pandemic, and this is a very important consideration as users must have appropriate and up-to-date training and certification to properly use the scanners.

Todd Research can also provide comprehensive training if this is the case, whether for a designated radiation supervisor, or to equip specialist operators with the skills necessary for intelligent recognition of suspicious packages and subsequent risk management.

Contact Todd Research at to learn more about maintaining and training your x-ray machine, or check out the blog at .uk / how-to-effectively-wake-up-your-x-ray-machine-after-a-long-sleep /.

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Jason Wakefield is the Director of Sales at Todd Research and has been with the company for 10 years. For more information, he can be contacted at [email protected]

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