CSIR offers biometric contactless fingerprint software to partners in South Africa


The South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is releasing contactless biometric fingerprint software for creating and matching models via smartphones, looking for expressions of interest from the share of potential implementing partners. Additionally, biometric technology works with the very soft surfaces of infants’ fingers, according to the organization.

The government-owned research organization seeks appropriate partners from government departments, law enforcement, military and border control services, aviation, retail, gaming, and financial and regulatory sectors. health to express their interest in testing contactless biometric technology by October 25, 2021..

The aim of the project “is to provide local technology that covers the entire fingerprint biometrics value chain, using contactless scanners in an innovative way”. The software provides the ability to store and match fingerprint patterns.

As a non-contact technology, it also works with infant fingerprints, according to the announcement, as it doesn’t stretch or compress the skin of the fingers like a contact scanner does. The ad suggests using the fingerprinting software with infants as young as six weeks “and possibly younger”.

Using smartphones and other commonly available digital imaging devices, CSIR says the software also lowers the cost of deploying biometrics.

CSIR and contactless fingerprints

The CSIR has been working for several years on the biometric identification of minors.

At ID4Africa 2019 in Johannesburg, South Africa, CSIR participated in a panel on child biometrics. The CSIR representative spoke about the potential of ear shape biometrics and how his research team used a high-resolution contactless device in their research on infant fingerprints.

Another group represented on the panel was Element, who also worked on smartphone-based contactless fingerprints.

The CSIR also announced the results of a study on the use of ear shape, iris and fingerprint biometrics for infants earlier this year, and said it had developed the technology for them. contactless fingerprints.

Contactless fingerprint technology is offered through specialized devices from Idemia and through smartphone cameras from Veridium, Sciometrics and Tech5.

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