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EUGENE, Ore., January 13, 2022 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Datalogic, a global leader in automatic data capture and factory automation, is delighted to announce the new Magellan ™ 9800i TDi (Downstream Imager). A color camera accessory for the Magellan 9800i bi-optic multiplane scanner. Retailers can now add time-saving AI-powered features like product identification to one of the world’s most powerful fixed retail scanners.

The evolving retail environment faces the challenge of fast throughput and easy product identification. The current payment process can be slow, cumbersome, and prone to errors. Customers, especially in self-checkout systems, often have to wait for products to be identified, leading to frustration when they have to manually choose from a list of possible matches. These types of mistakes can be costly for retailers due to lost revenue and poor customer satisfaction. The Magellan 9800i TDi reduces product identification time from 15 to 2 seconds. First-class imagery and lightning-fast AI ensure a seamless user experience.

The Magellan 9800i TDi is 7 “(17.78 cm) tall and is fully integrated with the Magellan 9800i. Datalogic has used the same form factor and robust features as the successful TDR (Top Down Reader), guaranteeing years The Magellan 9800i TDi captures clear color images that can then be fed into artificial intelligence or machine learning software to enable powerful features such as product identification. The Magellan 9800i TDi is compatible with third-party software applications using the USB Video Camera (or UVC) interface protocol. Has agreements with major AI software vendors, which simplifies the upgrade process.

Like the TDR, the Magellan 9800i TDi is easily adaptable to your existing Magellan 9800i and allows our customers to leverage the investment they have already made. The additional image capture capability of the Magellan 9800i TDi uses white light illumination that is synchronized with the red illumination of the base scanner. Not only does it provide perfectly captured images, but the white light helps “see” items that are in clear or semi-opaque bags. Additionally, the Magellan 9800i TDi can co-locate with our existing TDR, meaning current Magellan 9800i customers don’t need to forgo industry-leading barcode reading performance to achieve powerful capture functionality. color images.

Color cameras and imagers are gaining popularity in the retail world as a great way to enhance the checkout experience in staffed and self-service checkout lanes. Image recognition and object detection help retailers provide a more satisfying and error-free shopping experience for their customers. With the Magellan 9800i TDi, Datalogic makes the process of adding product recognition to your retail operation as easy as possible.

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