DERMALOG provides fingerprint scanners for refugee registration in Germany


DERMALOG announced that it is supplying its new LF10 fingerprint scanners for refugee registration in Germany, and will demonstrate the scanners at CeBIT in Hanover from March 16 to 20.

The company will unveil several biometric products, including the new fingerprint scanners, which will be used to produce the new refugee ID cards.

Since 28 January 2016, refugees registered in Germany have been issued with a special refugee identity card or “proof of arrival”.

The registration process uses a new biometric authentication system built into DERMALOG’s LF10 scanner, which scans and registers the refugee’s 10 fingerprints. The system will be phased in nationwide by mid-2016.

Along with demonstrating its LF10 scanner at CeBIT, DERMALOG will also showcase real-time AFIS, which can recognize people from their fingerprint in less than three seconds, even when using large databases.

“The use of fingerprints is now gradually replacing PIN codes and passwords, as biometrics are much more user-friendly,” said Günther Mull, Managing Director of DERMALOG. “Biometrics are not only much more secure, but also much more convenient than passwords.”

DERMALOG will also showcase Canon’s uniFLOW output management solution, as well as the latest facial and iris recognition technologies.

Finally, the company will introduce the VF1 combo scanner, which it calls the world’s first and only scanner capable of scanning fingerprints and passports through the same surface. The scanner is ideal for border control, banks and automatic gates.

Earlier this month, DERMALOG announced that its biometric identification technology is helping fight fraud in Nigeria.

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