Different models of adoption of airport biometrics in DFW, Seychelles


Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) continues to pioneer digital identification and biometric approaches to improve the passenger experience and site management. The latest developments are a trial of Mastercard’s digital ID with SITA Smart Path to initially grant airside access to staff and Spirit Airlines is introducing automatic baggage drop-off with biometric photo matching. Meanwhile, Seychelles International Airport has opened a fully biometric corridor built by Travizory for contactless verification of the identity and health status of incoming passengers.

DFW staff will be able to register for the Mastercard digital identity and store it in a smartphone app. During the test, they will be able to go through an automated identity control channel of the airport systems and the communications company SITA. The Smart Path performs a biometric scan of the individual’s face at security checkpoints to verify against the ID system’s authorized list.

The idea is to eventually extend the service to passengers.

“This initiative reflects our broader goal of providing verifiable digital credentials to employees and passengers in order to streamline and improve the security process while ensuring a convenient and seamless experience,” comments Paul Puopolo, vice president DFW’s innovation executive.

While registered personnel can use their faces to go through security, Spirit passengers can use theirs to drop off their baggage. Already in place at New York’s La Guardia and Chicago O’Hare, the now award-winning systems use biometric photo matching. Spirit has partnered with Materna Intelligent Passenger Solutions (IPS) North America, the system currently in trial phase at DFW is expected to mean no need to present government-issued ID.

The biometric approach is optional as agents are also available for baggage drop-off. After check-in, passengers, whether domestic or international, tag their own baggage and scan their boarding passes at the automatic drop-off point. If they choose the biometric route, the kiosk scans their physical ID, then uses a biometric scan of a passenger’s face to match it with the ID. If successful, the passenger puts the luggage on the conveyor belt.

No data is transmitted to a government agency. Spirit passengers check in between 400 and 500 bags per day at DFW and the new approach could reduce a passenger’s transaction time from 30% to 70 seconds.

The system can analyze the physical characteristics of more than 50,000 types of identity from nearly 200 countries and confirm the authenticity of the documents.

DFW’s Puopolo was also among the honorees at this week’s Future Travel Experience Global show in Las Vegas, along with Spirit SVP and CIO Rocky Wiggins, and representatives from Delta and American Airlines.

Seychelles opens biometric corridor to control arrivals

Seychelles International Airport follows the United Arab Emirates to become the second location for arriving passengers to move through a ‘biological corridor’, in this case developed by Travizory which uses facial recognition for biometric identification to log into the island nation’s authorized travelers database. It checks temperatures and travel clearances and classifies passengers based on risk assessments before departure.

The classification then directs arrivals to immigration, medical examination or quarantine, based on pre-departure assessments.

“With a connection time of less than a second per traveler, the biological corridor filters an average of 30 travelers per minute, allowing a wide-body carrier of 300 travelers to be processed in less than 10 minutes”, specifies the Ministry of Transport.

Travizory and Smart Engines teamed up to develop a biometric travel app for Seychelles earlier this year.

Tourism constitutes the majority of the economy of the Indian Ocean archipelago.

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