Does the Galaxy S21 FE have a fingerprint sensor? What you need to know


From getting past the lock screen to opening banking apps, a fingerprint sensor is a must-have feature. Fortunately, the S21 FE keeps its promises.

Fingerprint sensors are an expected feature of any smartphone these days, and in the case of the Galaxy S21 FE, that’s something Samsung guaranteed to fully realize. Many components are essential to a good smartphone experience. People want to be sure that they have a quality screen, good performance, long battery life and reliable cameras. If a phone doesn’t have these things, it immediately becomes a much harder sell than one that does.

Of these, a fingerprint sensor is equally important. Not only does this make a phone more convenient to use, but it also adds a huge layer of security. Want to quickly unlock your phone’s lock screen, log in to a banking app, or view passwords in a password manager? Fingerprint sensors speed up the process of all of these things without sacrificing their security. No matter who you are, it’s one of those features that’s almost impossible to live without.


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Luckily, this is something Samsung was fully aware of when designing the S21 FE. Regardless of the configuration you choose or the retailer you buy it from, all models of the Galaxy S21 FE are equipped with a fingerprint sensor. This has been standard practice with Samsung flagships for a few years now. Even the company’s mid-range and low-end devices now come with fingerprint sensors, which was unheard of just a few years ago. If you’re on the hunt for a new phone and need one with a fingerprint sensor, the S21 FE is a device that fits the bill.

Tips for using the S21 FE’s fingerprint sensor

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in three colors

As you prepare to start using the S21 FE’s fingerprint sensor, there are a few tips to keep in mind when doing so. Similar to the S21 and S20 FE, the Galaxy S21 FE’s fingerprint sensor is an optical sensor that sits below the display. On the lock screen and when logging into certain apps, a fingerprint icon appears towards the bottom of the screen where the sensor is. Place your finger on the fingerprint icon and the lock screen or app should unlock in an instant.

If you find that the fingerprint sensor is not working as quickly/reliably as you would like, a good tip is to register the same finger multiple times. Registering the same finger two or three times gives the S21 FE a lot more data to work with – and will likely eliminate the scan failures that can be so annoying. To do this, follow these steps: open the Settings app, tap “Biometrics and security”, tap “Fingerprints”, tap “Add fingerprint”, and follow the on-screen instructions to re-enroll your finger . Once this is done, the Samsung The Galaxy S21 FE’s fingerprint sensor should work better than ever.

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