DoorBird Boost Home Security with Fingerprint Sensor


In a big step forward for home security, DoorBird has integrated a biometric fingerprint sensor into its IP door intercoms.

Their D21x series IP video door entry systems are now equipped with fingerprint technology from leading biometrics company Fingerprint Cards AB, which enables biometric fingerprint authentication.

A DoorBird door station also allows residents to see and speak to visitors and delivery services when they are out via their smartphone, and unlock the door if needed.

These intercoms are equipped with an HD wide-angle camera, a motion detector and an audio system with echo and noise cancellation.

But the big advantage here is that, in addition to allowing access via RFID or PIN, biometric fingerprinting is now an option.

The full-frame touch sensor meets high standards of comfort and safety and can be configured remotely at any time.

Using an app or the web-based dashboard, the user can grant or revoke access permissions.

They can also define what should happen when a particular finger is detected.

To help keep your domain even more secure, the fingerprint reader temporarily locks after five unauthorized access attempts.

Each intercom can store up to 50 fingerprints, and users can also create their own personalized IP video intercoms, equipped with a fingerprint sensor and other individual modules via the DoorBird 3D configurator.


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