Estonia to create database for biometric identification system | New


There are currently several databases in use in Estonia that contain biometric personal data and are currently under the administration areas of various ministries, government spokespersons said. The aim of the ABIS database is to increase the reliability of identification by using the datasets to create a central database.

The creation of the database and the resulting ability to compare biometric data will have a positive impact on the internal security of the state, as it will help law enforcement agencies to resolve criminal offenses.

The processing of data in the ABIS database will follow all data protection principles and will ensure that the data is used in a lawful and transparent manner. The owner of the data stored in ABIS is the data subject and in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data, the owner has the right to know who has viewed his information.

Access to ABIS will only be granted to officials who have a legal right and specific authorization to access the database for the purpose of fulfilling their legal obligations. Data in ABIS should be processed as little as possible and only to the extent necessary to achieve the objectives of the procedure.

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