European Parliament adopts resolution to ban biometric identification and mass surveillance – JURIST – News


The European Parliament voted 377-248 to approve a resolution calling for a total ban on the use of automated recognition of persons in public spaces.

The European Parliament resolution cites the failure of artificial intelligence (AI) to accurately identify ethnic minority groups, LGBTI people, the elderly and women, and the concern this raises in the context of law enforcement and law enforcement Justice. Parliament’s concern about AI extends to private facial recognition databases such as Clearview AI, predictive policing, and social rating systems such as the Chinese Social Credit System.

Member of Parliament (MEP) Petar Vitanov resolution statement:

Fundamental rights are unconditional. For the first time, we are calling for a moratorium on the deployment of facial recognition systems for law enforcement purposes, as the technology has proven ineffective and often leads to discriminatory results. We are clearly opposed to predictive policing based on the use of AI as well as any processing of biometric data leading to mass surveillance. It is a huge victory for all European citizens.

Parliament’s vote is a non-binding resolution that signals its position to enter negotiations for the AI Law, which would ban social rating systems from AI in its current form. Some European countries, including Serbia, Hungary and the Czech Republic currently have well-developed facial recognition systems in place.


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