Face ID, fingerprint sensor on cars? Genesis promises smartphone-like technology


Genesis has announced that it has developed new technology for smart cars that is somewhat similar to Face ID technology in smartphones. Called Face Connect technology, it can identify faces, operate doors without a smart key, and more.

Genesis says the new technology will help its customers customize their vehicles for a better driving experience.

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Once Face Connect technology identifies the driver, it syncs with their profile, automatically adjusts the driver’s seat and steering wheel, adjusts head-up display (HUD), side mirrors and infotainment settings according to their personalized preferences.

The technology incorporates a near infrared (NIR) camera to ensure facial recognition in all circumstances, even in the dark, and to detect whether a face is pre-registered with its system or not.

The technology promises that drivers don’t need to carry smart keys with them all the time. Even if someone leaves the smart key in the car, the vehicle can be locked using Face ID technology.

Genesis says the Face Connect system can store up to two faces for each vehicle. The recorded faces are encrypted and stored securely in the vehicle without any security risk, explains Genesis. They can also be deleted at any time at the convenience of the driver and new profiles can be saved using the voice assistant.

If Face ID technology isn’t enough, Genesis also has another smartphone-like technology – the fingerprint authentication system. It can help drivers to have full control of the vehicle based on biometric information without a smartphone or smart key. Anyone registered with these two systems can enter the vehicle using facial recognition and drive the car using fingerprint recognition. Fingerprint authentication can also be used for in-vehicle payments and release from valet mode.

Genesis has announced plans to apply these new technologies to its next model, the GV60, which is slated for launch soon. Later, other Genesis models will also get these apps as part of their functionality.


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