FinGo Unveils Vein Biometrics-Based Vending Machines with Age Verification


FinGo has completed the integration of its biometric payment and age verification technology into a new vending machine solution.

The new FinGoVend biometric vending machines allow users to pay and pass age checks by placing their fingers through an integrated sensor that scans their biometric vein patterns.

FinGo provides age verification capabilities as well as remote payments through its partnership with VMC, which was formed earlier this year to allow FinGo to develop vending machines.

In-person cashless transactions and age verification are also being provided to NYCE International by FinGo under a deal struck last month.

Using FinGoVendusers who have registered their unique vein pattern to provide their digital ID and digital wallet will be able to verify their identity to purchase age-restricted products, including alcoholic beverages, e-cigarettes and vapes.

The vending machines were first shown in prototype form at the Vendex Midlands show in the UK on April 26 and featured a selection of drinks from Vagabond Wines and the First Chop brewery.

The UK Home Office is currently conducting digital age verification technology trials, with FinGo among the participants. For context, FinGo is a subsidiary of Sthaler and uses Hitachi’s biometric vein technology. The company partnered with Croma in January to increase the reach of its biometric products.

FinGo’s competitors in biometric vending machines include American Green, which also does age verification, and Popcom.

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