First Patient-Specific Biometric Hip Replacement Surgery Performed in RGV


MISSION, Texas – Mission Regional Medical Center has taken the next step by adding the newest cutting-edge joint replacement technology – patient-specific biometric hip replacements.

Dr. Vaibhav ‘Van’ Kanawade, MD, is an expert in the implantation of custom joint prostheses. He treats patients with hip, knee, shoulder and elbow problems and spinal disorders.

“My team and I at Restore Joints and Spine have performed the first-ever patient-specific biometric hip replacement surgery in the Rio Grande Valley,” Dr. Kanawade proudly said.

Dr. Kanawade is one of the first ten surgeons in the nation to offer patient-specific biometric hip replacements and is currently the only surgeon of his type in the Rio Grande Valley.

He told the Rio Grande Guardian International News Service the story of one of his patients, Cathy De La Paz, 46.

“The pain in Ms. De La Paz’s hips was excruciating, which turned small daily movements into agony. Standing, walking, lifting your legs and sitting down to get in and out of your car became difficult because of the pain,” Dr Kanawade said.

Dr Kanawade said he diagnosed Ms De La Paz with a rare form of spondyloarthropathy which affected both of her hips.

“The disease had progressed and advanced to the stage where she would benefit from hip replacement surgery. But, her bone anatomy was very different with a mismatch between the diameters of the canals. And she was too young for the standard implants because they remove a lot of bone,” said Dr. Kanawade.

So, Dr. Kanawade offered Ms. De La Paz the option of patient-specific biometric hip replacement surgery.

“It just got worse and worse. I wasn’t one to give up easily, and I really liked the patient specific biometric hip replacement option as it would provide the most natural fit and save my bones,” Ms. De La Paz said.

Ms. De La Paz underwent surgery on her left hip on March 3. The operation went well and she was able to stand and walk without any pain. After rehab, she was comfortable enough to be discharged from the hospital.

“The biometric hip not only provides the perfect fit, but the most appropriate fit,” Ms. De La Paz said.

Dr Kanawade points out that fingerprints, facial recognition and retinal scans are all forms of biometric technology now commonly used in everyday life, including in cellphones and laptops.

“There are clear patient benefits with biometric patient-specific hip replacement surgery. The success of hip replacement surgery depends on the proper selection and placement of the implant in the bone that matches the patient’s anatomy and posture. It’s personalized for that patient,” Dr. Kanawade said.

“Human anatomy is very unique and there are many individual variations between hip bones based on age, gender, race, genetics and geographic location.”

Each person also has different flexibility, movement and posture dynamics, the doctor explained.

“Walking, sitting, standing and walking positions are very unique to each patient and restoring the biomechanics of the joint to its original shape is very important for the patient to feel normal and regain their natural dynamics” , said Dr. Kanawade.

“Fully personalized biometric systems are designed to accommodate the unique size, shape, and postural dynamics of the hip, with the goal of restoring your natural joint line and natural range of motion.”

Dr. Kanawade said the high performance of fully personalized biometric joint replacements has been demonstrated in dozens of clinical studies.

“In one study, 77% of patients with fully personalized biometric implants indicated that they were extremely likely to recommend the technology, compared to only 36% of patients with generic off-the-shelf implants,” a- he declared.

Internationally recognized

Earlier this year, the Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Cimarron Country Club to celebrate Dr. Kanawade’s arrival in the valley.

He was greeted by Mission City leaders, local physicians and Mission Regional Medical Center department directors.

Dr. Kanawade is internationally recognized for his groundbreaking research in hip replacement surgeries. He was the first to introduce the 3D (3 dimensional) concept of implant placement for hip replacement surgery. He coined the 3D term “ante-tilt” to help surgeons understand 3D hip shell position and biomechanics during hip replacement surgery.

Dr. Kanawade has further proven the 3D behavior of the hip joint in different body positions such as sitting, standing and sleeping which makes joint replacement surgeries more patient specific.

Dr. Kanawade has authored several national and international book chapters on primary and revision joint replacements helping surgeons understand variations in anatomy, flexibility, and more accurately place implants based on patient needs. patient, adapted to the smallest details.

Same-week appointments are available at Dr. Kanawade’s office, Restore Joints and Spine, located at Mission Doctors Plaza West, Suite 205, 910 S. Bryan Road, Mission.

For more information or to make an appointment, call (956) 598-7070.

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