FPC obtains additional order for biometric sensors from card maker Top-Three



“FPC’s new order from its three main manufacturers of anonymous cards covers 250,000 units …”

Fingerprint cards received another volume order for its T-shaped sensor from an anonymous customer described as one of the top three card makers in the world. The order comes after FPC announced a volume order from an anonymous customer matching the same description earlier this year.

The T-shaped sensor is designed specifically for integrations into a card form factor, fingerprint cards presenting the solution to the emerging payment card market as an application area of ​​particular interest. Financial services organizations like Crédit Agricole de France are leveraging fingerprint scanning technology to enable biometric payment authorization for contactless payment cards, improving security while maintaining the convenience of tap transactions. -to-pay.

FPC’s new order from its three main anonymous card manufacturers is for 250,000 units, with the company presenting the order as an indication that the market deployment of biometric card technology is accelerating.

“Fingerprint sensors for biometric payment cards represent a very important potential market for biometrics, and this order demonstrates our leadership position in this growing market and the strength of the Fingerprints solution,” explained SVP Fingerprint Cards Payments & Access Michel Roig. “Together with our partners, we are enabling banks to remove the payment cap and provide consumers with the confidence and experience they need for contactless payments. “

News of the volume order comes a week after the Fingerprint Cards board announced it was launching a strategic review of the company that could include consideration of potential acquisitions, spinoffs and new registrations. .

July 14, 2021 – by Alex Perala



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