FPC predicts continued growth for capacitive sensor business


Fingerprint cards (FPC) predicts that the market for active capacitive fingerprint sensors stay strong despite the growing popularity of fingerprint sensors built into some recent smartphones. The company noted that it has continually updated the design of its sensors to keep pace with innovation and deliver the same utility in a sleeker package.

In this regard, FPC has drawn particular attention to its new FPC1542 sensor, which debuted in October and has since appeared in several new Xiaomi handsets. The FPC1542 is a curved sensor that can be integrated with the power or volume button on the side of the phone to enable capacitive fingerprint recognition without taking up space on the front or back of the device.

According to FPC, the sensor shows how equipment makers can make small design tweaks to significantly improve the user experience. The company argued that capacitive sensors still offer a compelling blend of convenience and security, making them an attractive option even when compared to new authentication technologies such as built-in sensors and face recognition and of the iris.

With this in mind, FPC believes that capacitive sensor shipments will increase over the next several years, reaching around 800 million units per year by 2026. These figures are a testament to the growing ubiquity of mobile technology more generally. . More and more people are storing digital credentials and making payments with their smartphones, creating a need for security solutions that can protect this sensitive information without creating friction.

As it stands, Juniper said biometric technologies will secure more than $ 3 trillion in mobile transactions by 2025. FPC, meanwhile, noted that authentication technologies are not mutually exclusive. mutually and that capacitive sensors can be deployed with PIN codes, passwords or facial recognition. to enable two-factor authentication or to give people options that are better suited to different situations. For example, someone may prefer to use a fingerprint sensor to unlock their phone while wearing a mask.

FPC credited its smartphone business for its strong sales figures in the first quarter of 2021.

May 17, 2021 – by Eric Weiss


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