FPC to Pursue Enterprise PC Market with In-Sensor Matching Biometrics Approval


The personal computer fingerprint sensor with on-chip biometric matching manufactured by Fingerprint Cards has been added to Microsoft’s Approved Vendor List (AVL) for Windows Hello Enhanced Sign-in Security, opening the business PC market to FPC.

Fingerprint Cards already supplies biometric sensors to three of the world’s top five PC makers and has announced PC partnerships with Dell, Honor, Huawei and Xiaomi, and the company says it expects to be able to reveal more customers in a near future. The first volume orders for Fingerprint Cards PC solutions were placed in 2021.

All biometric fingerprint card solutions are compatible with Windows Hello, a company representative confirmed to Biometric update in an email. Only solutions that support on-chip match processing can be included in the AVL for Windows Hello enhanced login security.

“On mainstream PCs, biometric authentication is usually performed in the computer’s processor (called Match-on-Host),” Ted Hansson, president of Mobile, PC & Access China, comments in the announcement. “In the enterprise PC segment, it is much more common to use Match-on-Chip, where biometric data is stored on a separate chip, providing an even higher level of security. Fingerprint solutions Match-on-Chip commands a higher average selling price (ASP) and is currently about half of the market and growing.

Christian Fredrikson, CEO of Fingerprint Cards, said Biometric update in an interview earlier this year that the PC segment, now served by the Shanghai-based Fingerprint Technology Company (FPC), accounts for about 20% of a total of 300-350 million units sold each year.

“The PC models released to date with Fingerprints’ biometric PC solution are primarily consumer PCs,” the company representative wrote in the email. “However, in the medium to long term, we expect the split between consumer and enterprise PC models in our retail mix to be around 50/50.”

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