FPC’s T-shaped sensor enables 2FA access control via biometric smart card integration


Fingerprint cards strengthens its position in the fields of smart cards and access control thanks to a new partnership with the British company Freevolt Technologies, which has integrated the fingerprint sensor module of FPC in a new access card called “S -Key ”.

Coming from Imperial College London, Freevolt Technologies (formerly called “Drayson Technologies”) specializes in the development of next-generation biometric smart card solutions, with an emphasis on access control, cryptography, payments and health applications. Its S-Key card is designed to enable contactless access control via two-factor authentication (via the card itself and its fingerprint authentication capability), with support available for a third layer. authentication.

It is now clear that FPC technology will play a key role in facilitating this 2FA security. The company has developed its T-Shape sensor module specifically for card integrations and has established multiple partnerships in the area of ​​payment cards in particular. But the company has also shown a keen interest in expanding the access control market in recent years and has seen the integration of its technology into door lock products. The integration of Freevolt demonstrates that FPC’s T-Shape solution also has a role to play in this space.

Like emerging biometric payment cards featuring Fingerprints’ T-shaped solution, Freevolt’s S key enables cardholder authentication via an integrated fingerprint sensor. The card holder can thus scan his fingerprint on the card itself when he waves it in front of a contactless smart card reader, guaranteeing an increased level of security with regard to physical access control.

“We are extremely proud to work with Fingerprints, who are leaders in fingerprinting technologies, and who have been incredibly supportive throughout our development of S-Key,” commented Gonzalo de Gisbert, Manager product and business development for Freevolt Technologies. “By integrating our advanced Freevolt energy harvesting technology with Fingerprints’ best sensors and software, we have created a revolutionary battery-less biometric access control card, which is available to order now.

The collaboration is a success for half of Fingerprint Cards in particular. The company recently concluded a strategic review launched this summer, with the result that the company would effectively split into two subsidiaries, one of which would focus on mobile biometrics, the other to continue FPC’s efforts in the areas of payment. and access. control.

December 1, 2021 – by Alex Perala

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