Ghana: 148,000 workers involved in identification mismatch


By Ebi Kesiena

More than 148,000 government employees out of a total of 602,000 employees on the Department of Comptrollers and Accountants General’s payroll were found to have identifications that did not match any biometric identification at the National Identification Authority, after a biometric audit by the Comptroller and Accountant General Department, revealed the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia.

Addressing the Internal Audit Agency 2022 conference in Accra on Tuesday, Dr Bawumia also revealed that the Comptroller General’s biometric audit also found 533 workers on the government payroll with multiple identities .

The Vice President, speaking on the conference theme “Injecting Fiscal Discipline into the Mobilization and Utilization of Resources for Sustainable Development”, said that as part of the government’s quest to achieve In addition to fiscal consolidation, many measures have been taken, including improving revenue mobilization and reducing waste. in the public sector using digitization.

The efforts, Dr Bawumia revealed, include a rigorous fight against identity fraud and corruption in the public sector, thanks to the robust identity system that the government is building with the Ghanacard and the digitization of services. governmental.

“A key focus of the 2022 budget is fiscal consolidation to improve debt and fiscal sustainability as we implement our economic revitalization and transformation agenda to improve the lives of Ghanaians,” Dr Bawumia said. .

“Over the past four years, our approach has been to put in place measures to build a solid foundation for national mobilization, cost reduction and the fight against corruption through digital transformation. And considerable progress has been made.

“An exercise just completed last week by the Comptroller and Accountant General’s Department shows that 533 people on the CAD have multiple identities in the CAGD database,” Dr Bawumia revealed.

He added, “In all cases of multiple identities, employees have more than one CAGS account with different emote numbers. Some have three employee numbers.

“There are also 148,060 employees out of 601,948 with biometrics that do not match anyone on the national ID register (i.e. without a Ghanacard).

“We will check the SSNIT database to see if their biometrics can be matched. It is also possible that some of those whose biometrics match also have multiple employee accounts.

The VP’s startling revelations follow news that a recent National Service Scheme (NSS) biometric audit found around 14,000 phantom names on his payroll, which saved the scene of around GHC112 million. per year.

And thanks to the government’s digitization campaign and the implementation of a national ID system, SSNIT has also announced significant savings of up to $126 million since it will no longer print ID cards. SSNIT for its targeted 10 million people, following the adoption of Ghanacard as SSNIT numbers.


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