Ghana card has a lifespan of 10 years – National Identification Authority


In an interview on Accra-based Class FM, he said: “So if you have your Ghana card, say in 2022, then it is expected to expire in 2032; and that makes a lot of sense. because technology will continue to change, will continue to improve; as we speak, we believe that we have one of the best identity systems that you can find anywhere in the world, but in 10 years, obviously, new trends would have emerged and you would want to tweak and tinker with the system you have so that it continues to be relevant, so that’s the thinking behind the 10-year expiration.”

He added: “And, also, after the 10 years, maybe a lot has changed about you that you’ll probably want an update, some records being changed here and there, and so on.”

The Ghana Card is a national identity card issued to Ghanaian citizens – residents and non-residents, as well as legal and permanent resident foreign nationals, which serves as proof of identity, citizenship and residence of the holder.

The Ghana card which uniquely identifies the individual based on biometric characteristics can be used by the individual for identity verification and authentication in the following situations:

Health care provision, passport acquisition, driver’s license acquisition, port cargo shipping and clearance, banking receipt, business registration, access to social services, e-passport, e-commerce and payment industry, applications remittances, overseas remittances and SIM card registration.


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