Goodix multi-biometric sensor developers named finalists for European inventor award


Two Goodix researchers were named finalists for the 2021 European Inventor Award for their innovation combining fingerprint and blood flow biometrics for device access control.

The European Patent Office has announced that Bo Pi and Yi He have been named finalists in the “Non-EPO Country” category for their invention, which protects against biometric spoofing attacks.

Goodix chose Pi and He to lead their live authentication research and development department in 2013, when they started working on spoofing prevention. Pi is an experienced electrical engineer and a former professor of optoelectronics. They noticed that infrared light could be used to measure heartbeats and speculated that this ability could be used to measure blood flow from a finger placed on a biometric sensor. It has developed an optical fingerprint sensor module and corresponding software to capture dual biometrics, and the two-factor authentication method has proven useful against spoofing attacks, according to the announcement.

“Pi and He’s technology provided a cutting edge biometric solution. Their invention shows how innovation can help protect our privacy and security, ”said EPO President António Campinos, announcing the 2021 European Inventor Award finalists.“ For inventors, protection of their intellectual property through patents has facilitated cooperation, attracted licensing partners and helped their technology gain a foothold in multiple markets.

The winners will be announced on June 17 at a digital event.

Integrated sensor technology has achieved a European patent in 2018, and the sensors were integrated into smart locks from Yunding Network Technology in the same year.

Goodix completed the acquisition of Dream Chip Technologies last year, giving the company the ability to serve the automotive market with its fingerprint biometrics.

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