Google explains why the Pixel 6’s fingerprint sensor is slow, but we’re not convinced


The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are the best phones Google has ever made, but there are a few flaws, like the new in-display fingerprint reader, which replaces the old rear-mounted method. It’s not the fastest on any phone, with authenticating your biometrics often taking a while. As reported by Engadget, Google has provided an answer, although we’re not entirely satisfied. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. The Pixel 6’s fingerprint sensor has improved security algorithms. In some cases, these additional protections may take longer to verify or may require more direct interaction with the sensor. Check out these troubleshooting steps: Thanks, Levi.

If Google were actually using “enhanced security algorithms” to ensure that it’s really your fingerprint that the Pixel 6 sees, the explanation would be satisfying enough, and we’d be happy with the compromise it currently brings to the experience. of unlocking. However, we have just reported isolated but troubling cases where Pixel 6 units unlock to other people’s fingerprints, even though those fingers were never configured. While a few of these reports could be attributed to people activating Smart Lock, which automatically unlocks the phone under certain circumstances, a few complaints apparently cannot be attributed to this behavior.

— Made by Google (@madebygoogle) November 6, 2021
In response to a Tweet complaining that the fingerprint reader ruins a Pixel owner’s experience, the Made by Google account replied that “the Pixel 6 fingerprint sensor uses enhanced security algorithms.” These could “take longer to verify or require more direct contact with the sensor” in some cases. The company has further linked to a support page detailing some troubleshooting tips, like how the fingerprint scanner is known to be unreliable in bright outdoor light and how screen protectors can get in the way of the process. authentication.

A similar issue plagued Samsung in 2019, with its all-new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the S10 and Note10 not working well with cheap screen protectors that would cause phones to unlock for anyone. what a fingerprint. A software update has finally provided a cure, so we can only hope that Google is already working on a fix that will actually improve the security of its Pixel phones. In the meantime, we’re stuck with the worst of both worlds – a slow and potentially insecure fingerprint reader.

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  • Google explains why the Pixel 6’s fingerprint sensor is slow, but we’re not convinced
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