Gujarat: To cheat biometric sensor, railway exam aspirant removes thumb skin and sticks friend’s thumb


In a surprising incident reported in Gujarat, a railway exam aspirant ended up peeling the skin off his thumb and putting it on a friend’s thumb in an attempt to trick the biometric sensor. The incident was reported in Vadodara, Gujarat. The two aspirants who made desperate efforts are believed to be from Bihar and are arrested. The two seekers have been identified as Manish Kumar and his friend Rajyaguru Gupta. Both defendants are in their twenties and have completed their 12e exams.

It all happened during the recruitment test for Group ‘D’ vacancies earlier on August 22. When an aspirant, Rajyaguru Gupta, impersonated Manish Kumar and gave his thumbprint, the biometric sensor failed.

Despite repeated attempts, Gupta was unable to pass through the sensor. Suspicious of his actions, a supervisor at the center applied disinfectant to Gupta’s thumb. Much to the horror of the supervisor and the other students, the skin on Gupta’s thumb peeled off.

It was later revealed that Manish Kumar removed a layer of his skin by putting his thumb on a hot pan. He then removed the skin and glued it on Gupta’s hand, as Gupta was better in studies.

The facts of the case

Due to the ever-growing population, lack of employment, and rising inflation, the young people of the country are turning to government jobs. These coveted jobs offer security, stability, and a steady stream of income for decades to come. However, due to the tough competition, only a small fraction of the aspirants manage to make it to the other side.

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Meet the desperate scammers

Manish Kumar from Bihar was also one of the students who wanted to get a job in the railway department. Since he was not good at studying, he created a plan to have his friend appear for the exam. A 12e fainted, Kumar devised a strategy through which his friend could trick the biometric sensor.

The plan involved peeling off a layer of skin from his thumb and putting it on his friend’s thumb, who would be his proxy to take the exam.

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The proxy student appears to write the test

On August 22, Rajyaguru Gupta, friend of Manish Kumar, went to the examination center where a recruitment test for the vacancies of group “D” was taking place. Gupta posed as Manish Kumar and put his left thumb on a biometric sensor to start the test.

However, upon repeated attempts, the biometric sensor failed to erase Gupta who was posing as his friend Kumar. The exam supervisor meanwhile got suspicious when he noticed that Gupta was hiding his left hand by putting it in his pants.

Thumb skin peeling off

Acting on his suspicions, the supervisor in question sprayed disinfectant on Gupta’s left thumb. Much to the supervisor’s horror, the stuck skin on the thumb came off. Gupta was then interrogated and he revealed his true identity.

shocking revelation

During interrogation, Gupta told police that since he was good at studies, his friend had the idea of ​​using him as a proxy to take the test. A day before the exam, Kumar put his left thumb on a hot pan and peeled the skin off with a blade.

Kumar then stuck the skin on Gupta’s left thumb, in a desperate attempt to fool the biometric test. Following the incident, a case was filed under Articles of IPC, including Section 465 (false), 419 (cheating by impersonation), against Kumar and Gupta.

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Why didn’t “fingerprint transfer” work?

Dr. Rajnish Patel, an additional superintendent of a civilian hospital in Ahmedabad, spoke in detail about fingerprint ‘transfer’ and its flaws.

“When a blister forms due to excessive burning, these ridges are degraded. So even if someone tries to stick such a piece of skin on another person’s thumb, the biometric machine will not recognize it. never because the skin would have lost its original structure,” he said.

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