Health camera with facial recognition launched by Mitsubishi Electric


Mitsubishi Electric Corporation unveiled Healthcam, a facial recognition health monitoring system that can track an individual’s heart rate, blood oxygen level, temperature, and other health indicators.

The system can also monitor other cases such as choking, sudden fall or collapse, poor breathing, elder abuse, among others, according to the announcement.

According to a company announcement, the solution that works through a combination of facial recognition and thermal sensing technologies can be placed on the walls of a home, office building, assisted living facility, etc. an apartment building, fitness center, hospital or doctor’s office waiting room, or any other location that will benefit from continuous monitoring of occupants.

A working prototype of the facial recognition and health analysis system, the ad says, allows a person to use the camera’s scanner to see their current body temperature, respiratory rate, blood oxygenation and heart rate biometrics.

Alan Sullivan, Head of Computer Vision Group at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) says the HealthCam is a reliable solution that has filled a gap: “The number of demands for a 24/7 health monitoring system is virtually limitless, especially to help save lives. in the elderly or infirm, when detected health problems detected in real time can alert healthcare professionals of an emergency. With the rapidly emerging trend towards distributed and remote health, HealthCam fills a gap in the market, delivering a reliable, non-invasive product that promotes more positive medical outcomes based on the early detection of people’s health problems through surveillance. .

Zafer Sahinoglu, Vice President and General Manager of the Mitsubishi Electric Innovation Center (MELIC) sees a bright future for HealthCam: “As part of our commitment to build a smart people-centered society, HealthCam fits in with our focus on lives a technology that meets people where they are and enables their safety, comfort and good health. In the not-so-distant future, HealthCam and similar technology will be ubiquitous and common in the world collecting and sending secure and private health data to healthcare professionals when incidents occur. “

The company showcased a prototype of the product at Mitsubishi Electric’s Customer Electronics Show (CES) virtual exhibit last week. The residential and commercial versions of the product are intended for development with capabilities based on the different considerations of each use case.

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