Here’s the REAL reason Disney World has fingerprint scanners


Most security measures these days make sense. Going through metal detectors at every entrance is no longer a taboo.

Why is Disney World asking for our fingerprints? Do I have to scan my fingers to visit the parks?

Let’s answer these questions once and for all.

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Only Walt Disney World requires customers to scan their fingerprints at park entrances, Disneyland does not. Disney does not keep your fingerprints. They don’t use analytics to track you around the property. Here’s what’s going on:

  • When you scan your fingerprint, a biological definition of your individuality, Disney assigns you a number that becomes linked to your park ticket.

Disney is doing this to combat ticket fraud, primarily for parkhopper tickets and multi-day tickets. Assigning you an identification number ensures that they know you and that only you continue to use your ticket. For example, if you visit Walt Disney World for a week, this ID number is assigned when you first enter the park by scanning your ticket and finger. Every time you scan your finger at the entrance to a park, it just checks to see if it is you. This is a measure for efficiency and safety.

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But if the thought of scanning your fingerprints still scares you, there is a way you don’t have to. While Disney keeps this low-key, you can show an actor photo ID instead.

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You can also familiarize yourself with Walt Disney World’s privacy policies here.

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