How biometric technology is reinventing patient identification


It’s hard to deal with patients if you don’t know who they are. Yet, although patient identification systems have come a long way since the advent of electronic records, problems still arise when patient data is shared between institutions that use different identifiers and record systems. .

Sometimes the patient matching process mistakenly combines records from two different patients into one. Other times, it splits a record into two, creating duplicate records that make it difficult to accurately retrieve patient information.

Biometric technology solves this problem by using something we always carry with us: our fingerprints or our faces. Identifiers such as addresses, names and telephone numbers may change. Different people share the same names and birthdays. But biometric markers are specific to each individual. They provide the highest level of identity assurance and cannot be lost or forgotten.

This eBook from HID Global explores how biometrics is helping the healthcare industry reinvent patient identification, delivering secure and coordinated cross-platform care without compromising trust or security.

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