IDEMIA equips the digital garage with contactless biometric scanners


IDEMIA innovates with its MorphoWave Compact fingerprint reader. Japan’s Digital Garage has installed the scanner at its new headquarters in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, becoming the first organization in the country to adopt IDEMIA’s contactless access control solution.

The deployment was carried out in collaboration with the JAPAN AEROSPACE CORPORATION (JAC), which helped Digital Garage configure the MorphoWave with the rest of its network. Digital Garage will use the MorphoWave to ensure that only authorized employees have access to the building and specific floors.

The MorphoWave Compact can identify up to 100,000 unique users, although Digital Garage itself has only around 450 employees. IDEMIA noted that the solution is more hygienic than contact fingerprint scanners, a factor that has become more important in light of COVID-19.

The MorphoWave uses 3D fingerprint technology to register and authenticate users. The device can match four fingers in less than a second when a user passes their hand through the scanner.

“We want to provide entities with advanced biometric technology that is convenient to use and allows users to identify themselves without complications,” said Nezu Nobuyoshi, general manager and vice president of sales of IDEMIA Japan.

“We are proud to be the first in Japan to implement this contactless 3D fingerprint technology for biometric access control,” added a spokesperson for Digital Garage.

While Digital Garage is the first official MorphoWave Compact deployment in Japan, IDEMIA previously tested the technology during the J2 League soccer final at Level5 stadium in Fukuoka. This test was also performed in conjunction with JAC and occurred shortly after IDEAMIA released a September update that made the MorphoWave faster and more precise.

More recently, IDEMIA announced that MorphoWave scanners are used for residential access control in condominiums in the Municipality of Barueri in São Paulo.

April 27, 2020 – by Eric Weiss


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