IDEMIA to supply INTERPOL’s new multi-biometric identification system


Following the renewal of an existing contract, IDEMIA will supply INTERPOL’s new multi-biometric identification system which will usher in improved capabilities such as greater match accuracy and more user-friendly interfaces. Designed and sized so that police officers in Member States can perform an unlimited number of searches and analyzes at will, MBIS, the latest technological biometric solution from IDEMIA, will allow up to one million forensic analysis searches per day. This includes fingerprints, palm prints, and faces.

These capabilities pave the way for the introduction of the application of biometrics in other sectors. In addition to police investigations, INTERPOL plans to allow its members to query their database at border checkpoints.

“Building on the capability of fingerprints, INTERPOL asked IDEMIA in 2016 to make facial recognition available to its members. Using the two biometric systems, INTERPOL successfully matched and identified over 300 suspects in 2019, ”said Cyril Gout, INTERPOL’s director of operational support and analysis. “In the same way that criminals are using ever more innovative and sophisticated means to avoid detection, law enforcement agencies must also benefit from the latest technological advances, particularly in biometric security, to better fight against all forms of crime. transnational crime. INTERPOL’s enhanced partnership with IDEMIA will further help our member countries better protect their borders and citizens.

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