IDEMIA unveils two new MorphoWave fingerprint scanners



IDEMIA expands its MorphoWave portfolio with the release of two new editions of the contactless fingerprint scanner. The MorphoWave XP X-tended Performance edition offers improved performance over previous models, while the simplified MorphoWave SP profile is aimed at small businesses and has been designed to make IDEMIA’s MorphoWave technology more accessible to a wider range. organizations.

Both versions of the device benefit from the same four-fingerprint 3D scanning technology. Once registered, users can run their hand through the scanner, and MorphoWave will match each impression and verify that person’s identity in less than a second. The system is completely contactless, which means the solution can help meet the growing demand for contactless security and authentication options during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In terms of throughput, the XP X-tended Performance is the more robust of the two offerings. The device can store up to 100,000 registered users and can process up to 60 people per minute when deployed. IDEMIA believes the device is well suited for time and attendance tracking applications, and noted that it has a color display that can be customized for each organization. The SP simplified profile, on the other hand, can only store 10,000 records and reaches 40 people per minute.

MorphoWave software is fully compatible with 20 of the most popular access control platforms and with a large number of different physical gates and turnstiles. This makes the technology relatively easy to deploy for organizations looking to update their on-premises security.

“These two new products incorporate the most advanced biometric algorithms we have ever created, continuing the tradition of our award-winning solutions in the market,” said Yves Portalier, Executive Vice President of IDEMIA Biometric Devices. “We are the only physical access control terminal manufacturer to undergo such rigorous testing, demonstrating the reliability of our solutions. “

IDEMIA will present the two new MorphoWaves at this month’s Intersec 2022 conference in Dubai. XP and SP will be available through the company’s partner network before the end of January.

January 7, 2022 – by Eric Weiss



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