IDScan touts identity verification business with major cannabis retailer


Senior executives at ID verification company seem to see a lot of advantages in participating in the irregular US legal cannabis market. They pushed a series of marketing touting sales to a vertically integrated pot company.

Las Vegas-based Planet 13 has signed hardware and software with IDScan to read physical or digital government ID documents to verify the age of people wishing to purchase ingestible THC-derived products.

Marijuana is not uniformly legal across the country, and there are still populations, even in pot-friendly states, who want to bring prohibition back. Finding a significant number of minors buying cannabis would be ammunition for them.

Planet 13 claims to have the world’s largest pot dispensary in Vegas, and it’s dotted with 16 check-in stations, each with a black IDScan scanner networked with the company’s VeriScan centralized visitor management software.

Executives say they wrote VeriScan authentication software specifically to recognize fake IDs, including passports.

The market for ID document scans at marijuana retailers appears to be growing, and technology vendors are positioning themselves to serve it.

Nevada will allow open cannabis consumption in licensed salons in late 2022, IDScan notes in a separate announcement. Salons will be required to perform age verification with a government-issued ID and scan the ID to confirm its validity and authenticity.

Bobby Varma, CEO of biometric reader and identity management company Princeton Identity, wrote a article on the scanning of documents by jar sellers in the industry publication Security.

She says there’s a patchwork of state sales laws, which is a challenge, but apparently one of the constants in the US market is internal access control.

Regulators want to know who broke through the controlled-access gates preventing easy access to weed stores by customers and employees. Logs are a common requirement.

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