INFINITT announces collaboration with Hamamatsu, a leading manufacturer of whole slide scanners


PHILLIPSBURG, NJ, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — INFINITT North America, an award-winning developer of enterprise imaging solutions for healthcare, announced a collaboration with Hamamatsu Corporation to jointly promote Hamamatsu Whole Slide Scanners (NanoZoomers*) and INFINITT Digital Pathology Solution (IDPS) with its United States clients .

By partnering with Hamamatsu, INFINITT can offer enhanced integration with NanoZoomers, allowing labs and pathologists to seamlessly review slides in an end-to-end operational workflow. Additionally, the ability of IDPS to integrate with the LIS will allow pathologists to work more efficiently in a digital environment.

Hamamatsu’s NanoZoomer series of whole-slide scanners were developed with nearly 70 years of photonics experience. IDPS allows scanned images to be analyzed by advanced digital and computational tools, and enables rapid communication with multiple users for a second opinion or review by a multidisciplinary team (MDT).

As labs embrace digital pathology, they must leverage a complex ecosystem of hardware and software solutions to facilitate pathologist workflow. Additionally, these labs now recognize that the image quality, flexibility, and reliability of all slide scanners are critical to helping users overcome the adoption chasm within the organization.

According to Don Ariyakumar, product manager at Hamamatsu, interoperability is key to the successful adoption of digital pathology. Working with partners is therefore very important for organizations such as Hamamatsu. Don further recognizes that customers need to be able to create the best products for their organizations.

Hamamatsu and INFINITT combine Hamamatsu’s NanoZoomer whole slide scanners with INFINITT’s enterprise platform to manage images, data and algorithms to streamline pathology workflows.

“INFINITT is thrilled to be part of the digital revolution in pathology,” said david smarroPresident and CEO of INFINITT North America, “and to work with a leading photonics company to promote solutions to our customer base.”

There are many benefits to be achieved with digital pathology, including increased productivity in the lab and less risk of damaged slides or lost specimens. Combining digitization with AI and IT tools can facilitate a faster and more efficient workflow.”

IDPS works with the INFINITT Healthcare platform which can archive data from different data sources and departments, allowing pathologists to view images and reports from multiple specialties. This is a true enterprise solution, complementing our wide range of specialized and universal viewers that work with almost any LIS or DME,” added Smarro.

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*Hamamatsu NanoZoomers are sold for research purposes only

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