Innovatrics Launches Biometric Enrollment App and Fast Remote Passport Reader


Innovatrics has added a fast universal passport reader to its integration suite for easy digital visa applications on smartphone and a biometric enrollment app for Windows and Android portable devices to speed up enrollment to its system. automated biometric identification (ABIS).

The new ABIS application will first be deployed on Coppernic’s ID Platform FAP50 for voter registration and innovatrics field policing operations. The device and app can be used by an agent to record the subject’s face, fingerprint and iris biometrics, or directly by the registrant and offer smart guidance for the best results. The collection fields are customizable and the company claims the system avoids vendor lock-in.

The interface collects biometric data from a single device rather than three edge scanners, sent via the REST API to Innovatrics ABIS, where it is instantly available for review and deduplication.

The company’s new Universal Passport Reader can remotely read any ICAO 9303 compliant biometric passport in half a second and is part of Innovatrics’ Digital Integration Toolkit (DOT).

User uploads a photo of their passport then the system algorithm recognizes the image, detects if it is a passport and locates Machine Readable Zones (MRZ) and gives a server response with the MRZ analysis. It also allows a smartphone to read the RFID chip of a passport via NFC.

Innovatrics believes that the new reader is particularly useful for issuing the electronic visa, allowing applicants to register remotely via their smartphone. It is available for iOS, Android, and standard web interfaces.

The company recently added offline MRZ capabilities to DOT and upgraded its demo app to make the user experience easier.

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