Innovatrics updates ABIS and launches Android biometrics app


Slovakian company Innovatrics has updated its Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) with an improved iris recognition algorithm and an Android app designed for voter and police identity verification.

ABIS 8.2, which covers fingerprint, iris and face biometrics, has been updated with stability, deduplication and biometric analysis improvements for its identity management system. It can also be integrated with Android BioScriber with REST API.

Innovatrics also showcased an Android app that performs mobile registration, identification, and verification for election and law enforcement officials. The company says it supports consumer devices such as tablets and smartphones; and external USB devices such as fingerprint scanners, ID scanners, webcams and receipt printers as well as biometric devices from Coppernic and Laxton. The announcement also describes the use of ABIS with a fingerprint reader from Integrated Biometrics. This broad support is intended to prevent vendor lock-in, according to the announcement.

Biometric data from the app is sent to Innovatrics’ ABIS database and processed by its deduplication engine, allowing an authorized user to review the information to resolve any discrepancies.

The company says the Android app is viable for areas without trusted credentials to register individuals with face and fingerprint biometrics. And the app can be used by law enforcement to identify suspects with their fingerprints.

Guinea, a West African country, recently started using Innovatrics’ ABIS to identify criminals.

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