Integrated biometric scanners now adopted by police in a dozen parts of the UK, serving 11 million people


UK police forces serving a dozen jurisdictions with more than 11 million citizens now use Integrated Biometrics fingerprint scanners, the company revealed.

Mobile scanners are used for on-site biometric identification in parts of England and Wales including the City of London, Surrey and Sussex, Lincolnshire and Lancashire, Cornwall, Merseyside and Northamptonshire .

Police have responded enthusiastically to the devices, according to the announcement.

“IB fingerprint scanners not only help increase public safety in the UK, but they also save time and money for law enforcement agencies who are constantly strapped for cash,” explains David Gerulski, executive vice president of Integrated Biometrics. “Our extensive work with law enforcement agencies across the UK and around the world once again demonstrates the essential value of biometrics in the service of the public.”

As police around the world face budget pressures, the precise and near instantaneous identification provided by Integrated Biometrics scanners enables rapid responses to situations where those in need of assistance cannot identify themselves, or suspects provide false identity information, depending on the company. The efficiency gains made by Surrey Police were detailed in a video last year.

“The use of biometrics can increase public safety in several different ways, but the best is probably for the police to be able to immediately identify an offender and know they are dealing with the right person,” explains Police Sergeant Dan Pascoe, who is the former head of the Surrey Roads Unit.

Pascoe also says that IB’s mobile biometric devices save police time.

Integrated Biometrics has worked on proof that the low-level electric fields produced by its light-emitting sensor (LES) technology are effective disinfection against COVID-19 and other pathogens.

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